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But since the midpoint RVR is reported as m, a light m away must be invisible. Similarly, looking forward he or she cannot see the light in the rollout area.

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But according to the rollout RVR of m, the light there is visible, and has already been so for the last m. RVR is used as one of the main criteria for minima on instrument approaches , as in most cases a pilot must obtain visual reference of the runway to land an aircraft. The maximum RVR range is 2, metres or 6, feet, above which it is not significant and thus does not need to be reported. RVRs are provided in METARs and are transmitted by air traffic controllers to aircraft making approaches to allow pilots to assess whether it is prudent and legal to make an approach.

RVR is also the main criterion used to determine the category of visual aids that are installed at an airport.

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Diagram to illustrate that transmissometers do give true Runway Visual Range in variable conditions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Categories : Aviation meteorology Air traffic control. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Feel free to leave this blog post if you are Part 91 pilot! Neither standards apply to you, but…. If you are a Part 91 pilot, I suggest you keep reading this article and the other article I wrote about standard takeoff minimums. You should probably implement one of these standards for yourself if you want to be a safe and prudent pilot with a long career.

How Runway Visual Range (RVR) Works

I suggest you implement one of these standards for yourself if you want to be a safe and prudent pilot with a long career. You will find the specific limits in Table 1 and Table 2. Because this is a complex answer, I highly recommend you keep a cheat sheet with you in the aircraft. So, be careful. But, RVR and visibility reports are only part of the equation. If none of the above are present, then you still have an out, assuming you can still see the runway somehow.

Check it out:. The Jeppesen charts are a bit easier because they are consolidated on the Airport Diagram. Check it out for KPDX:. Not only do you need certain lighting systems and RVR reports to take off when the visibility is low, but there are a couple of other limitations.

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You will need a takeoff alternate any time the visibility is lower than the lowest approach for that airport. This makes sense, right? If you lost an engine, what would you do? The FAA wants you to plan for an emergency before you take off which is why they require a takeoff alternate. The approach minimums require at least RVR. This rule is to ensure YOU can get back to the airport in an emergency.

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This sometimes happens in the Pacific Northwest when both the other side of the Cascades and the coast are socked in. And, no, you cannot use an autopilot in lieu of a second in command. In an effort to ensure the safety of passengers, the FAA places additional restrictions on Pilots in Command with less than hours in the make and model. With less than hours in make and model, the PIC is restricted to standard takeoff minimums until they get hours as a PIC in the make and model.

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This also applies to a SIC when they are manipulating the controls on takeoff. They must have hours in make and model to perform the takeoff in lower than standard takeoff conditions.