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The fraternity has hired its own independent investigator to find out what happened. The Emory Zeta Beta Tau chapter is seen here. Share this article Share. Most watched News videos Horrific moment female cyclist struck and killed by cement truck The Queen hosts annual garden party at Scottish residence Thug threatens to knock out gay man over his pride outfit Amber Heard spotted with James Franco day after Depp fight Upset bus passenger tries to shunt another traveller off seat Green-fingered Kate hosts picnic at her Back to Nature garden Horrific moment man drops DEAD after chugging a pint of beer CCTV shows Afghan asylum seeker 'attacking man with knife' Dramatic moment driver gets blinded by debris on motorway Play halted in Durham as streaker cartwheels across pitch Mike Trout and Andrew Heaney break down after Skaggs' death Shocking footage shows mass brawl at Stormzy's Ibiza festival.

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Due to the growth in reporting requirements of the Fraternity and the complexity of providing accurate accountability, the decision was made that a separate Accounting Department is necessary to make the operation run smoothly. Consequently, in November following the move from Chicago, this department was born. Our major goals were to conduct studies, analyze the previous Chuma Tibbs,CPA accounting structure, research alternative systems, and make recommendations. The system study was the most crucial step. It consisted of analyzing and enhancing the organization's reporting requirements.

We then began the task of moving this organization from a manual accounting system to an automated one, anticipating the future needs of the Fraternity. The reason for our existence is to supply the members with a fiscal accounting of the fraternity's programs and activities. Additionally, we are committed to keeping accurate and up-to-date financial records.

This includes, but is not limited to, acknowledging the receipt of funds as well as overseeing the disbursement of funds, and monitoring the budget. Our goal is to assist the organization with projecting multi-year financial plans to accommodate future funding needs. This, in conjunction with an adequate management information system, should give the Board of Directors the ability to project into the future. Lastly, I wish to take this opportunity to let you know that I am proud to be associated with Alpha, and am looking forward to meeting you.

If I or the Accounting Department can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to call or write to me at the headquarters. Cannon will celebrate his th birthday in This convention was noteworthy because it was the first alumni reunion; and because Bro.

Cannon was elected Secretary of the Fraternity. This would be the start of Bro. Cannon's influence on a national level with the fraternity. C a n n o n s ' role had changed significantly. G e n e r a l President Bro. Charles H. Garvin appointed a committee on the Journal. A subscription rate of fifty c e n t s per y e a r was added to the annual grand tax. The first issue of the Sphinx appeared February, Cannon was chosen as the first editor of the Sphinx and Fraternity Vice President.

As its first editor, Bro. Cannon set a standard that is still revered. By , Bro. Cannon had distinguished himself as a foundation builder and a chapter organizer. His efforts did not go unnoticed by the brotherhood. For the next two years, Bro. Cannon would be re-elected to the office of the Vice Presidency. One of the more memorable moments of Bro. In , by an almost unanimous vote, the fraternity elected Bro. Cannon its 12th General President. Cannon stated at the time of his election, " I wish to assure all brothers that I will do all in my power to preserve and uphold the traditions, laws and purposes of Alpha Phi Alpha.

The following individuals have been suspended, pending a hearing before the Grievances and Discipline Committee t the 86th Anniversary Convention in Anaheim, Ca. Robert L.

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Bynum William S. Crowder, Jr. Kelvin S. Mwanda Steven D. Edgar L. Lambert, Jr. Carl J. Sumpter Richard W. Waller, II Derrick L. Brown William Davis Russell S. Mitchell Mark L. Murray Bryan M. Parker Keith Jones Joel C. Morton Eric M. We furnish the highest quality business and casual apparel embroidered with all the right colors. Initiated in at Delta Theta Lambda Chapter, he remains active.

He has held various offices in the chapter and been the chair of several committees. Williams says his objective as a father has always been "to do the very best that I can for my family and all mankind. View each member of the family as an individual and respect their individual differences.

Discipline in the home should not be abandoned and every child must know that in my father's house there is God. Above all it is to be noted that the best father is always on call twenty-four hours a day. In addition to his new appointment Bro. Williams and his wife of 28 years, Dorothy Bostic, are the parents of three children, two daughters and a son. Angela is a graduate of Talledega College and is a flight attendant with American Airlines.

Collectively and individually, the Williams family has received numerous honors, awards and citations for community service and cultural and educational achievements. They continue to involve themselves extensively in civic, religious, cultural and educational affairs. They are members of Bailey Tabernacle C.

Williams is chairman of the Department of Fine Arts and conductor of the college choir at Stillman College. She is also founder and president of the recently chartered Tuscaloosa chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. This was the second time a Tuscaloosa family has won the highest award offered by the National Association. In addition to the award the family received a free trip abroad. They competed with families nominated by other state clubs and won the state title in Montgomery, Alabama.

From there they captured the Southeast Association Regional Title in Birmingham which enabled them to compete for the national title. There appears to be electricity in the air when youngsters arrive each summer at Virginia State University for the annual Trojan Computer Camp.

The idea was born some 7 years ago by Bro. Percy Pollard and his wife, Annie. The Pollards became interested in the idea of camp after their children attended a similar camp at Duke University in Durham, N. Seeing how much their children learned from the program lead the Pollards to consider such a program at a historically Black institution. Their alma mater VSU seemed to be the most likely candidate.

With idea in hand and support from Bro. The first computer camp was held in with 15 participants. For the past three years the enrollment has averaged about students. The camp reaches out to AfricanAmerican students, who are traditionally underrepresented in college, especially in technical fields.

Youths ages 10 through 17, attend the camp. Students from New York City, Detroit, Philadelphia and Virginia are often found comparing computer skills as well as discussing regional accents. The advantage of a computer camp is it allows students to sharpen math and English skills while working on a tool of the future. Emphasis is placed on building confidence and introducing students to the discipline needed for college. The camp has developed a strong advocacy within civic groups, organizations, and local school systems. However, parents can pay to send their own child.

Plans are being developed to export the program to other historically black colleges and universities. Pollard says, "One of the things students say at the end is , T'm going to go to college because I've already been'". Morton, a member of Zeta Zeta Lambda Chapter, believes "Education is the key to success" for the youth of today. He has committed continued on page There goes a man who is a friend To love and duty truth There goes a man to help uplift The lives of wholesome youth There goes a man with industry and faith at his command. There goes the best man in and out For he is an Alpha Man.

Born in Washington, D. Brother Emerson, currently resides in Meridian, Mississippi. Emerson and seven other seniors were selected for the honor, one of the highest a student can receive at Ole Miss. The selection is coveted because it is an indication of how of Ole Miss students, faculty and staff feel about an individual. Outside of his academic pursuits Brother Emerson served as the artist for the Ole Miss yearbook, secretary and public relations chairman for the Black Student Union. The brothers of Nu Upsilon selected Bro.

Emerson their Brother of the Year. The honor comes as the Oakland Airport was recognized by the U. State Department for "it's positive contribution to the visit of Nelson Mandela. It was through Bro. F o s t e r ' s coordination with airport staff, State Department officials and the local host committee which enable the South African leader's visit to be uneventful.

Additionally, the Air Freight Association acknowledge Bro. Foster accomplishm e n t s citing, "his adroit m a n a g e ment Henderson was honored not only for his professional and civic a c h i e v e m e n t s but also for his community service. Henderson earned his undergraduate degree from Hampton Institute in After graduation from dental school, Bro. Henderson served as a First Lieutenant in the U.

Army Dental Corp from until He did a rotating internship at the Veterans Hospital in Tuskegee and Birmingham, Alabama until Henderson attained a personal achievement by being persistent in his efforts to become a member of organized dentistry. He applied and was rejected for membership from until In , the American Dental Association recognized the thirty-five years that Bro.

Henderson was an active member of the National Dental Association. The ADA bestowed life membership to Bro. Henderson effective January, On the national level, he served as both a delegate three years and an alternate delegate to the House of Delegates of the American Dental Association. On a state level, he has served as a delegate to the House of Delegates of the Louisiana Dental Association. Additionally, Bro. Henderson is also a member of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

In addition to his commitment and dedication to the dental profession, Bro. Henderson is also very active in civic affairs. He has served on numerous board and committees in his community. Henderson has been a general dentist, in New. Allen M. Johnson, Jr. Brother Daniel T. Blue, J r. The goal of his project is to develop a simulation methodology to predict system dependability.

It will use a technique called Rainbow Nets. Rainbow Nets are similar to Petri nets, a mathematical and graphical representation of a system. RAS Group, Inc. During his tenure at IBM Bro.

Johnson had a wide variety of experience in both the technical and managerial aspects of projects. He also participated in the development of the IBM T. Watson Research Institute's RP3, which was a research parallel processor. While at IBM Bro. Johnson had over twenty inventions and publications. Included in this number are two U. The selection was the culmination of a career in state politics which began in with his election from the Twenty-First Representative District Wake County to the North Carolina House of Representatives. Brother Blue was elected to the Speaker's post by a majority of the members of the Assembly.

He enjoyed support from members of both parties. Blue said he did, "not plan to preside over a House or a General Assembly that allows North Carolina to look backwards and move backwards when all of our challenges are in the future He serves on numerous corporate, education and professional boards. Blue, Jr. Watkins like many of his own contemporaries felt the sting of racism, the isolation of being a trailblazer, and the affirmation of reaching back.

Even with all his accomplishments he looks for new challenges. Not only in his professional career, but in his personal life he searches out what he describes as, "the one thing that he can do to change people's lives You have to go back to his home in Montgomery, Alabama to see the foundation which he has built over his lifetime. King and Rosa Parks were changing the course of civil rights in A m e r i c a with their o r g a n i z e d boycott of the Montgomery bus system. Brother King had established an organization at Dexter Avenue.

Church for young men called the Crusaders Club. One of its members was Bro Watkins. Watkins says he really doesn't know why Brother King selected him and several others to move church parishioners from place to place. He suggests it may have been a way to keep the group out of trouble. During these rides Bro. Watkins says Bro.

King constantly stressed getting an e d u c a t i o n. Watkins who was caught up in the times, freedom marches, bus boycotts, e t c. King would never let the youth group participate in the marches and the protest. Conversely, Bro. King would always call on college students to assist.

As Bro. Watkins describes it Bro. King felt these educated individuals weren't afraid to challenge the status quo. Secondary Education It was obvious to Bro. Watkins that college was the logical step after high school. His father, Bro. Levi Watkins, Sr. But education was the last thought on the mind of Bro. Being a standout high school basketball player he felt he would fit in well with this group. However, once in Nashville his focus began to change. Watkin's life is protrayed on canvas showing his association with Dexter Avenue Church, Bro.

As fate would have it, Bro. Watkins excelled in the classr o o m. It was during this time when Bro. Watkins was definitely Alpha material. During a conversation the two had before pledging Bro. Watkins, like many of his time, challenged the pillars of segregation while continuing to excel academically at Tennessee State. Nearing graduation he decided medical school would be the next step. At the time the two schools where most African-American students were receiving training were Meharry and Howard Universities. But Bro. Watkins had.

But Vanderbilt had not yet opened its doors to any black medical students. Levi Watkins would become the first. Medical School Bro. Watkins admits his reputation preceded him at Vanderbilt. The staff and faculty were aware of his activities in the civil rights movement at Tennessee State. As a symbol of where he stood on issues relating to race he placed a poster of Bro. King outside his dormitory door. Despite his acceptance by Vanderbilt few of his colleagues had given up their racist ways.

The p o s t e r b e c a m e littered with slurs,"Coon", "Nigga Go home," and other demeaning slogans. Despite these insults he left the poster hanging on the door so all could see the vulgar messages. One night while studying he learned Bro.

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King had been shot at a Memphis hotel. He says he, "prayed he had been taken to a hospital to be worked on. King was dead. Watkins says he was filled with shock, anger, and hurt as he slept. When he awoke the next morning Bro. King's poster had been torn from his door. To add to his frustration none of the white medical students seemed concerned about the passing of Bro.

One wonders why he didn't vent his anger in any form? Politely, he says, "Martin said to always be in control of your anger through love. With Bro. King's passing Bro. Watkins was even more committed to racial and civil justice. But the straw which almost broke the camel's back came one day when he and another female student agreed to help Dr. Ralph Abernathy. The couple was suppose to deliver food to the marchers, but as they left the dorm excrement was tossed from the roof on the pair. Watkins retrieved a scalpel from his dissecting kit and went to the roof to confront the assailants.

When he arrived he found," 15 laughing white boys. The young men continued to laugh and said, "Nigga get out of here. Walking across the street to Tennessee State he grabbed several members of the football team to help him intimidate his attackers. They returned to the Vanderbilt campus to find the perpetrators still basking in the glow of their racial victory.

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  8. The football team achieved its desired effect, but things went a bit far with some pushing and shoving. Several days later the Dean called Bro. Watkins into his office. Watkins felt this was the one thing the University needed to remove its lone African-American student from the program.

    After much discussion the matter was laid to rest with no disciplinary action. Watkins had proven his academic prowess at Tennessee State. Even though he was accepted into the Vanderbilt Medical School, the Dean told him,"Your scores were not the greatest. His first exam scores proved to be less than acceptable. He ranked in the lower third of his class. He says he didn't want to let the faculty down at Tennessee State who had in a sense stake their reputation on his success.

    This pressure was a great motivator,he rose to the challenge. Nearing the end of his medical school training Bro. Watkins was called into the Dean's office to discuss his internship. This process he said, "was where you really found. Academic Achievement One reason many AfricanA m e r i c a n s from h i s t o r i c a l l y Black schools had been denied entry into some of the more prestigious medical schools was because of an underlying perception of inferiority. In some white academic circles it was believed good grades in. What has brought us to this point? Having grown up in the deep South, I can remember the.

    We are now confronted with the conserving of America. Some recent elections in this country have left some very potent messages. Mississippi elected its first Republican governor in over one hundred years; and in Louisiana an ex Ku Klux Klan member and Nazi sympathizer was able to attract 39 percent of the total vote of the state and 53 percent of the white vote on a one-issue platform which linked welfare to crime and economics. You see, we live in a democracy where the will of the majority by the process of voting becomes the will of this country.


    The will of this country is being clearly communicated in the recent elections. This is not intended to disparage the form of government we know as a democracy for it far exceeds any other extant form of government operating in this world today. Persons of all races, hues, colors, and religions must inisist that politicians deal with the legitimate issues which confront this nation and not resort to the divisiveness of race. No self-respecting Southerner would have been caught dead in the Republican party.

    When did the country change? Simply when the Democratic party appeared to cater to the interest of minorities in this country. Democrats in the South have changed party affiliations in alarming numbers of the past ten to fifteen years. It is apparent that of the two parties, the Republicans were more akin to the hidden agenda in this nation of keeping minorities in their respective places.

    The Democrats, on the other hand, embraced Blacks, women, Jews, Hispanics. The Democrats were responsible for such scourges as Affirmative Action, voting rights acts and the most despicable of all words in the dictionary-integration. Enter the Republicans. And hence, enter the election of proponents of that party which are committed to returning American forward to yesteryear in the arena of race relations.

    The race-baiting candidate for Governor in Louisiana who garnered an embarrassing percentage of the total vote was a registered Republican. What all of this has led to is a polarization of the races as we have not witnessed in recent years. Politicians now resort to code words and ethnic images as they engage in the campaigns of hate-setting one racial group against another. When a candidate says he is against welfare and affirmative action, what he is really saying is that he is against those citizens who are associated with these programs. We saw it blatantly in the campaign of one candidate for the presidency as he consistently used words such as "states rights" and slyly sent antiAffirmative Action signals.

    We saw it in the campaign of another aspirant for the high office who used pictures of a paroled rapist to play upon the anxieties of the citizenry. We saw it continued in the campaign for the governorship of Louisiana when one candidate declared that welfare recipients were using their checks to purchase drugs and lottery tickets. Scare tactics, for certain, but they were translated into votes at the polls which is. When one thinks of a democratic form of government, one is reminded of that beautiful quotation from Pericles's funeral oration given in the midst of the Peloponnesian wars.

    In his remarks, instead of praising only the dead, he chose to extol the virtues of democratic Athens. He said, in part: "Our constitution is called a democracy because power is in the hands not of the minority but of the whole people. When it is a question of settling private disputes everyone is equal before the law; when it is a question of putting one person before another in positions of public responsibility, what counts is not membership of a particular class, but the actual ability which the man possesses. He would be distressed to see how his favorite "democratic" form of government has been corrupted to serve selfish interest groups and how flawed this potentially workable system of government has become in the hands of Americans.

    How can we stop this despicable practice of race-mongering, Jewbaiting--call it what you will? How can we stop this disgraceful and shameful practice of blaming a person of a particular race when no one decides of his or her choice of an ethnic group?

    No one decides whether he or she is to be born black, white, yellow, red, Chinese, Japanese or Lithuanian. Persons of all race, hues, colors and religions must insist that politicians deal with the legitimate issues which confront this nation and not resort to the divisiveness of race. Those which continue this practice must be soundly defeated at the polls.

    Men and women of good will must work as assiduously at getting decent candidates elected as those who work in the campaigns of the Page The ex-Grand Imperial Wizard of the ku klux klan received donations from every state in these United States. The defeat of candidates--by h o w e v e r small a m a r g i n - - w h o make race an issue is absolutely necessary in these times if this country is not to revert to all-out racism and pit one racial group against another in bloody confrontation.

    Admittedly, our system of government is not perfect and there are many positive changes which can be effected. Issues such as crime, education, the economy, welfare must be openly discussed. But these issues must be intelligently discussed without reference to race. We must redouble our efforts—in election years and in years when there are no elections—to defeat politicians who continue to exploit the racial issue. If they are incumbents they must be defeated at the first opportunity for re-election. The ballot box is where the difference must be made. After the primary election in Louisiana which placed the ex-klansman in the run-off, sixty thousand new African Americans were added to the voting rolls.

    We must register and we must vote. A voteless people is still a hopeless people—even in the last decade of the twentieth century. We have come too far as a nation to turn back the racial clock. History has shown that when this happens, everybody loses. We have but this one planet available to us. We must learn to live together on it—or perish in our folly of pitting race against race.

    H Focus: Seize The Time out how you had been performing. As the dean reviewed Bro. Watkins' files he said, "There are only two. Watkins done well, but he was near the top of his class. On what can best be described as judgement day for the final year students, Bro. Watkins and the medical school class were ushered in to an auditorium.

    Here each person opened an envelope and found a star next to the city where they had been accepted for an internship. He had been accepted by John Hopkins Hospital. He would complete an eight year program which would include two years of research at Harvard Medical School's Department of Physiology. During his tenure at Harvard he would work on research relating to congestive heart failure. Eventually his work lead to the first usage of angiotensin blockers which doctors use to perform surgery on patients with heart risk.

    Upon his return to Baltimore, Hopkins offered him a position in the division of cardiac surgery which he accepted with conditions. It was under these conditions he would repay a debt once owed. Black Consciousness We often travel difficult roads to get a better appreciation for life. Watkins came to Baltimore immediately following the riots.

    He says stories of how the north compared with the south seemed to be fabricated. Yes it was true people of color had jobs, but most were in menial positions with no one in a supervisory capacity. With these conditions in the back of his mind he designed a program for administrators to review. His proposal ask for the hospital to actively recruit more black students, increase the hiring of AfricanAmerican staff, and place people of Continued on page BEAT purposes, but for obvious reasons the military asks for more intense scrutiny.

    His primary role was to match dental records taken during the autopsy with prior ones. Throughout the process, Bro. Jackson kept telling himself he was playing an important role in getting the deceased soldier to loved ones. Edward W. Jackson Bro. Ernest W. Jackson, D. S a First Lieutenant in the Air Force Reserves has never heard a shot fired in anger, but he held in his hands the body of every U.

    It is not a job that many would relish, but it is what he was asked to do by the military. As a forensic dentist he was charged with identifying the U. At the onset of the Persian Gulf War Bro. Jackson was one of the first reserve Air Force officers to be called to active duty. Jackson was hand picked for the this assignment by Col. The forensic dental team was charged with the task of making positive identification of service-. It took an emotional toll, but the staff managed to perform its duties in a thorough and professional manner. Jackson estimates 97 percent of the war victims were "positively" identified.

    Military service I was the assistant chief of forensic dentistry. It was an absolute honor. Workers remove clothing from each body, and personal effects are gathered to be returned to families. An autopsy is then performed with fingerprints, dental records, blood samples and other physical evidence compiled and examined before any conclusions are reached. Fingerprints or dental records are sufficient enough for identification.

    Sarg, Bro. Jackson's superior at the Dover Hospital Mortuary, acknowledged he Brother Jackson was, "the epitome of a true military professional dental officer. Despite the relatively morbid, but required task at hand. He was totally dedicated, and enthusiastically accomplished whatever needed to be done. His energy level and superior forensic expertise were unmatched and served as a motivating factor for the rest of the staff.

    Jackson's civilian life. With eight returning starters, Bissell is counting on the defense to carry the offense while the quarterback situation works itself out. Bissell will try to avoid the academic pitfalls of last season as the Jackets lost several key starters for the Pinole Valley game due to grades.

    But a lot of that is up to the players. Although stud running back DeAndre McFarland is gone, the Spartans are loaded once again with a huge offensive line and big-play receiver Thomas DeCoud. Pinole Valley will be dealing with a coaching change, as Steve Alameda takes over for longtime head man Jim Erickson.

    El Cerrito and De Anza also return some talented players, while Alameda, Encinal and newcomer Hercules will try to climb into the top of the standings. Berkeley will only play nine games this season, as the scheduled season opener against Mission San Jose was canceled when the school decided to disband its varsity program. Councilmember Betty Olds said the city will watch the lawsuit carefully, but plans to move forward with its own ordinance.

    Wells Fargo and Bank of America spokespeople said it is too early to determine whether they would pursue legal action against Berkeley or other local governments that pass financial privacy measures in the coming months. Under existing federal law, financial institutions may share or sell consumer information unless customers sign a document opting out.

    The San Mateo and Daly City ordinances prevent companies within their borders from sharing information unless customers opt in. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo. They said the banks filed suit because the local ordinances make it difficult for them to share customer information with their own affiliates and provide quality customer service. City Councilmember Dona Spring said the Berkeley ordinance would allow companies to share information within their own walls.

    Berkeley Mayor Shirley Dean raised similar concerns about a hodgepodge approach, arguing that the issue would best be handled on the state level. If local government does address the issue, she said, it should be done on a countywide level to ensure greater uniformity. Gayer said a growing number of local laws would put increasing pressure on financial institutions to cave in to statewide consumer protections. Traditionally, the most enthusiastic are those who stay safety at home while the young and impressionable, lacking wisdom but possessing raging hormones, are sent to give their lives to fight lunatic wars.

    The object was first spied on Sept. Follow-up observations and calculations of its path suggest it is orbiting the Earth once every 48 days at a distance twice that of the moon. Although initially believed to be an asteroid, astronomers now suspect it is a rocket fragment, possibly the third stage of the massive Saturn V launched Nov. Gordon and Alan L.

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    Bean aboard. Complex orbit calculations suggest the fragment, which stands nearly 59 feet tall, was captured into Earth orbit in April, explaining why it had not been spotted before. Prior to this spring, the rocket stage had likely spent three decades orbiting the sun, Chodas said. That close passage by the moon was designed to swing the stage into solar orbit and away from Earth. The first four times, it worked perfectly, but NASA engineers made an error on Apollo 12, leaving the third stage stranded in Earth orbit.

    Looking forward, NASA astronomers said there is a 20 percent chance the rocket will end up hitting the moon — as did the third stages of the Apollo 13 through 17 missions. There is also a 3 percent chance it could strike Earth, as did some Apollo stages in the s. Most of the rocket body would burn up in the atmosphere, although some pieces could survive the fiery re-entry, Chodas said. In the past, astronomers have suspected other near-Earth bodies are actually Apollo rocket fragments. None has been confirmed, Chodas said.

    So why is St. While tailback Trestin George and receivers Chase Moore and Courtney Brown have taken their prodigious talents to college campuses, Lawson has the rest of his offense back, including quarterback Steve Murphy, who went through on-the-job training last season after moving behind center two months before the first game. Lawson, who took over as head coach last season, also welcomes back nine varsity linemen, an amazing number considering he will only carry 28 players on his roster.

    Leading the charge on in the trenches will be 6-foot-6, pound Leon Drummer, who has verbally committed to play at Cal next season. Drummer is following closely in the footsteps of current Cal sophomore Lorenzo Alexander, who ended his St. Drummer has the potential to do the same and should dominate on both sides of the ball. Booker will switch over to the right side, providing Murphy with the biggest bookends in the Bay Area to protect him in the pocket.

    The line will need to be strong following the graduation of George, who ended his St. Hives should excel running between the tackles, however, with a bruising running style. Murphy should be much-improved this season, although he was impressive during the latter stages of last season while throwing 10 touchdowns to just two interceptions. Murphy is the unquestioned leader of the offense and has tightened his throwing motion. Sophomore Scott Tully will also get some snaps this season as Lawson grooms him to take over when Murphy graduates.


    Tully is a prototypical pocket passer at 6-foot-3 and has a stronger arm than Murphy. The main target in the passing game will be wideout Ryan Coogler, a speed-burner who made some big plays last season. The senior, also an outstanding track performer, will provide a deep threat to keep defenses honest. Nick Osborn moves from the interior line to take over for Moore at tight end. While not as athletic as Moore, Osborn is a better blocker and a big target for Murphy on short routes.

    With only 28 players, Lawson obviously needs most of his talented players to go both ways. Drummer and Booker will anchor the defensive line, while Coogler and Murphy will play cornerback. The Dragons downed St. John Swett and St. Patrick could also challenge for the league title. Federal legislators, though, who passed the bill last October with bipartisan support, claim that expanded authority granted to law enforcement officials under the PATRIOT Act are critical to national security in the wake of the Sept.

    Coming on the eve of Sept. She also said that the two sections removed from the original proposal were ambiguous. All council members seemed pleased, and many surprised, by the unanimous decision to adopt the condemning resolution. Surely you know, Mrs. So why is Mrs. Dean willing to take on the Sierra Club and other environmental groups with this nonsolution? My guess is that she figures these organizations will probably support her challenger, Tom Bates, since his credentials as a conservationists are impeccable and he was the prime mover in the State Assembly for the creation of the Eastshore State Park.

    So why not make a play for the soccer moms and dads? What is there to lose? Another campus union may be making the job of negotiating a pay raise for clericals, represented by the Coalition of University Employees CUE , more difficult. It gives its employees a raise if other union employees get raises. CUE, which represents 1, telephone operators, childcare workers, administrative assistants and other clerical workers at UC Berkeley, is pushing for its pay raise over two years.

    But UC is sticking to its offer of 3. After months of negotiations, neither side has shown much flexibility. CUE employees have been without a contract since November and raises are expected to be paid retroactively for the fiscal year. State budget cuts have limited what UC can offer, Schwartz said. They said the clause fosters fellowship between them.

    The taxpayers of Berkeley have been the victims of numerous spending scams since the Rads took over the city in Much of the problem is based on the fallacious notion that a nonprofit entity is inherently good. The mafia and al-Qaida are nonprofit entities. Neither has ever declared a profit or paid taxes on income. Ebooks and Manuals

    Nonprofits are often tax dodges that prey on gullible liberals. Instead of paying taxes on income, the nonprofit disguises the income as fees, salaries and expense accounts. There is no housing shortage in Berkeley, critical or otherwise. With the demise of the dot-coms and the freeing of rents in vacated units, there is a serious surplus of housing in Berkeley.

    This surplus will only grow because of overconstruction of housing in surrounding areas and vacancy decontrol within Berkeley. There is no ideological justification any longer for Berkeley taxpayers to subsidize developers. Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant, in a written ruling, dismissed the huge compensatory and punitive damages verdict against William E. Not this time. Simon, who faces Democratic Gov. Gray Davis in the November election, had maintained that the July 30 jury verdict would not stand.

    Pete Wilson, a Republican. The verdict became another setback for his stumbling campaign, spooking donors and becoming the focus of a Davis attack ad that remains on the air. The lawsuit arose from a acquisition of Pacific Coin by investors including William E. Treasury secretary. The investors planned to grow Pacific Coin, but with the pay phone market shrinking, the company faltered, fell into debt and was seized by its lenders in December The investors countersued, accusing Hindelang of committing fraud and costing them millions by hiding his troubled drug past.

    Berkeley swim programs at BHS for the public employ two lifeguards while one guard at the other pools seems to be sufficient. There is a connecting door that is usually open. This means the extra cost to the city for running two pools rather than one would be much less trifling and certainly less than operating three pools, and should be a bargain for everyone. Demonstrations of the new voting technology are scheduled to take place throughout the month at public libraries across Alameda County.

    County staff members will be available to show how the new equipment works as well as provide election information, voter registration forms and information on enlisting as a poll worker in Alameda County. Anyone interested in having a demonstration of the new equipment at a festival or for any group should call the registrar of voters' office at Russell, 26, had been accused of 25 felony sex charges for allegedly drugging a year-old Sunnyvale woman in late January and videotaping two of his friends having sex with her in what prosecutors charged as rape.

    The football player was in court this afternoon in Alameda for a continuation of his preliminary hearing. But instead of having his case put over for trial, Russell heard prosecutors call for a dismissal of all charges. That has been our position all along,'' the attorney said. There was no credible evidence to believe these crimes were committed. Attorneys for the defendants had accused the woman, a model who appeared topless in Playboy magazine, of making false rape claims against Russell, a two-time Pro Bowler, in the hopes of collecting millions of dollars from the football player, who was suspended from the NFL after testing positive for the drug Ecstasy.

    Prosecutor Kevin Murphy rested his case in the preliminary hearing of evidence in June after showing a graphic videotape of the disputed sexual encounter in which Hayes and Perry had sex with the woman while Russell operated the camera. The woman and prosecutors claimed she was drugged while the defense said the woman consented to have sex with them.

    Now she carries a stack of petitions, cajoling signatures from strangers to bolster a presidential pardon campaign for her friend Wen Ho Lee, the Taiwanese-American scientist once suspected of spying against the United States. Two years ago on Friday — Sept. While convicted on a single count of copying sensitive nuclear weapons data, Lee received an apology from a federal judge for his treatment.

    The activism his case inspired continues to flourish in Chang, along with many other Asian-Americans who have no personal connection to Lee. The purchase was made with a low-interest loan from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. The trust plans to repay the loan with the Proposition 40 money, along with contributions it is seeking with help from the Sierra Fund and the South Yuba River Citizens League. The groups praised Sierra Pacific Industries for not logging the site for more than two years, even after a land-exchange agreement expired in December The trust, the U.

    Forest Service and other groups are trying to convince the timber giant to sell, trade or otherwise safeguard land it is preparing to log along a section of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. The new service, available in all 13 states where SBC provides phone service, will allow subscribers to surf the Web at speeds up to 25 times as fast as traditional dial-up modems. Yahoo has developed a souped-up version of its popular Web page that will provide subscribers with a wide range of exclusive entertainment options and other applications unavailable anywhere else.

    Subscribers should be able to launch the service within a week of signing up, Few said. The broadband market has been growing steadily, but not at the rapid clip that telecommunication providers envisioned when they made huge investments in broadband networks during the late s. The company already has 1.

    Yahoo is counting on the new broadband service to help it recover from the dot-com bust that wiped out a large chunk of its advertising revenue. The company has been trying to sell more fee-based services under a new management team led by former Hollywood executive Terry Semel. About , new users register at Webshots each week, up 50 percent from a year ago. Redwood City-based Webshots is among a handful of nearly dead Internet businesses trying to reincarnate themselves under new management teams.

    But the spike in enrollment — the largest in 12 years — has not been met by an equal increase in state money. Roughly 20 of the campuses have already cut classes, despite swelling enrollment. And with a bleak state budget outlook in years to come, college officials worry it will only get worse. Community College Chancellor Thomas Nussbaum announced this week the number of students attending state community colleges has climbed by more than ,, or about 6. Nearly 3 million students attended California community colleges last year.

    Part of the problem, school officials say, is the formula that connect enrollment and funding. East Los Angeles College, which has Ken Calvert is passed. The delta provides drinking water for two-thirds of the state and irrigation water for Central Valley crops. Calvert, R-Corona, has been trying to get the legislation to the House floor since March. After he helped resolve disputes over water deliveries to Central Valley farmers and a grant program for other western water projects, Calvert now says the bill is being held hostage by an argument over federal labor law.

    At least two other bills to clean polluted waterways and improve railroad tracks used by freight trains are being delayed by the same argument, according to House Democratic leaders. The argument is over the Davis-Bacon provision that guarantees high wages for workers on federal construction projects. Democrats on the House Resources Committee, along with a few pro-labor Republicans, tacked it on to the CalFed bill last fall. House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas, told Republicans in the spring that he would not allow a vote on any bill that has the wage language in it.

    George Miller, D-Martinez, and Rep. Nick Rahall, D-W. Calvert, who opposes the wage provision, said the entire argument is irrelevant because California labor law is more generous than federal law. Calvert has tried to persuade labor interests that the federal provision is meaningless in California because of state law. Democrats have argued that Republicans could call for separate votes on the wage language in the three delayed bills.

    Meanwhile, time is running out on Calvert and his hope of getting CalFed through Congress and to the president. The defense asked jurors Thursday to focus on the killer, his twisted mind and his traumatic upbringing. The prosecution told them to look at how he killed the Yosemite National Park tourists and tried to get away with it. The Santa Clara County Superior Court jury was left to sort out the rest, weighing the testimony of two psychiatrists who reached opposite conclusions about whether Stayner was crazy or whether he knew precisely what he was doing when he killed — and that he knew it was wrong.

    The jury deliberated for less than three hours before adjourning for the weekend. Deliberations will resume Monday with testimony from a defense expert, who found Stayner insane, being read back to the jury. The same jury convicted Stayner last month of murdering Carole Sund, 42, her daughter, Juli, 15, of Eureka, and their Argentine friend, Silvina Pelosso, 16, while they were staying at Cedar Lodge, where he worked as a handyman outside Yosemite National Park.

    If jurors find him sane they will hear more evidence and decide whether Stayner, 41, is executed. He took less than 30 minutes to cover two months of evidence, slipping in digs along the way at the defense, which spent all Wednesday in its closing argument and another hour Thursday during its rebuttal. In his confession to the FBI, Stayner detailed how he chose his victims, how he tricked his way into their room at the rustic lodge where he worked, how he used a rope to kill two of them quietly, how he meticulously cleaned up afterward and how he tried to throw investigators off his trail.

    In convicting Stayner last month, the same panel rejected defense claims that his warped mind prevented him from forming the intent required for a first-degree murder conviction. Williamson, who has drawn on the wisdom of the lollipop-sucking TV detective Kojak to sum up evidence, said the defense had merely dusted off that evidence for the sanity phase. The plan outlines what state and federal agencies should be doing, and what private landowners and organizations can do voluntarily. However, the service said there is no requirement for specific action or spending.

    Although the world frog-jumping contest is held each spring at the Calaveras County Fair, bullfrogs now are used because the red-legged frog no longer is found in the area. The service said it still can be found in streams or drainages, mostly along the north-central coast.

    But the Center for Biological Diversity says there are now only four places known to have populations greater than Developers and conservationists have been fighting over protecting that land since the service designated more than 4 million acres as critical habitat in March The host turned off the mike when Copeland was recounting past abuses of immigrants and suggested that Whitman supported such treatment.

    Copeland got up to leave, heard several on-air comments from Whitman, then turned and spit on him. David Reza pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of making a harassing telephone call and a felony count of possessing an assault rifle. Among them was a hand-held, anti-tank rocket launcher. They also found 4, to 5, rounds of ammunition and four inert hand grenades lying next to a container of explosive powder.

    California Highway Patrol officials said a high-speed chase across the Bay Bridge early Thursday ended in San Francisco, with two crashes and the arrest of four suspects in the South of Market area. The fleeing van, bearing homemade paper license plates, sped up to between 80 and mph at times on the bridge, according to Shawn Chase of the CHP, before crashing just after 1 a. Although shots were also fired there no one was injured, according to Chase.

    One of the East Bay men eventually arrested was believed to be a suspect in an Oakland homicide earlier this week, Chase said. But Oakland police spokesman George Phillips clarified afterward that seeming similarities between this vehicle's description and one linked to the death of John Roane in a West Oakland residence Tuesday proved to be nothing after all.

    The killer in the Roane case remains at large, Phillips said, adding that these individuals may have taken off because of unrelated warrants or some other reason. Before the suspects were taken into custody — and one more person inside the van got away —- the van allegedly crashed into another car by running a red light at Sixth and Folsom streets.

    Although a man inside the other vehicle was injured, he refused medical treatment and went home. One suspect who had gotten out of the van was also injured when the vehicle ran over his foot, said the CHP spokesman. The early-morning chase also led officers onto rooftops and into an auto shop in the neighborhood around Folsom before the incident wrapped up around a. San Francisco police assisted at the scene. In announcing the licensing Wednesday, Gov. But Calpine, which had been expected to begin construction next spring and put it into commercial operation in the summer of , said low wholesale prices for electricity have made the company wary of new projects.

    Pablo Martinez believes a trash-loving chocolate Labrador retriever named Brooke started the fire by turning on the stove while jumping to get at a garbage can. Martinez talked with tenant Tracy Jonas and asked her to retrace some of her actions before the fire. Jonas and a friend had cooked hamburgers Monday night. They put the fat in a re-sealable plastic bag and placed the bag in the trash can, where they also discarded the meat wrapper.

    On Thursday, the U. Workmen were busy Wednesday constructing the 22,pound portable court and surrounding it with seats. Squash — similar to racquetball but played with a smaller and less bouncy ball — is played within a glass-enclosed box. Under the proposal, the State University College of Technology at Alfred would become a contract college within the private Alfred University located across the street. The State University of New York system would still own the grounds and employ the staff, but the private institution would handle administration.

    The two schools are in Alfred, a village of only 1, permanent residents in western New York. The number of people in Alfred swells to 6, including students and people who commute into the town to work at the schools. Rezak said it is not unusual to have parents and prospective students show up at the wrong campus. While a solemn moment of silence and a handful of poignant stories about Sept. After national news outlets picked up the story, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Berdahl attacked the piece in the campus journal, defended campus patriotism, and said his office would pay for red, white and blue ribbons.

    But a group of about 20 students clad in black displayed white ribbons instead and emphasized that they were mourning the loss not only of the Sept. Mary Boktor. Several students scoffed at the controversy, arguing that the campus journal had distorted the story and politicized an event that should not have been political. But Seth Norman, managing editor of the journal, California Patriot, said the story was accurate.

    Defenders of the article added that the student newspaper cannot be blamed for the spread of the story to other outlets. The politics of Sept. Joshua Braver, a freshman, warned that politics since Sept. Bush, who is expected to make a speech before the United Nations today calling for decisive action against Iraq in an ongoing war on terrorism. Bret Manley, president of the College Republicans, took a different tack in his speech, focusing on the impact Sept.

    The day was not focused on politics alone. Shortly thereafter, scholars at the International House released a group of doves as a symbol of peace. Amidst the solemn recital of names remembering the people killed on Sept. Can we truly honor the humanity of our loss if we do not also honor the four thousand civilians that we killed, albeit accidentally, during our retaliation in Afghanistan? They had families. They, too, had hopes for the future.

    The event will introduce small businesses to the UC Berkeley community and give campus departments a glimpse of the services and products small businesses have to offer. Berlin, London, or anywhere in between: take your pick. The California native, who counts among his mentors Frank Zappa and Olivier Messiaen, has won worldwide acclaim over the past decade as a guest conductor in some of the most famous concert halls of Europe and the U.

    Currently he serves as principal conductor for the Los Angeles Opera and music director of the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, in addition to his Berkeley post. His admirers often wonder how long Nagano will continue to stay in the Bay Area. But Nagano, who lives in San Francisco with his pianist wife, Mari Kodama, and their young daughter, has repeatedly said publicly that the Bay Area is where he wants to be. Nagano is known for varied programs that offer a sampling of styles old and new.

    It features works by Beethoven, Messiaen, and Gyorgy Ligeti, and a symphony by Galina Ustvolskaya, a Russian composer little known in the west. Each of the works has a spiritual theme or text. While some are familiar, others are little known. It is not surprising that Nagano would choose a piece by Messiaen, a composer who is a personal friend and for whose work Nagano has been a leading interpreter. Of particular interest is a short orchestral piece by octogenarian Russian composer Galina Ustvolskaya which will almost certainly be new to local audiences.

    Her Symphony No. Ustvolskaya, born in , spent most of her life living under the Communist regime. While she was sometimes honored for her music, she frequently ran afoul of the Soviet authorities for exploring themes considered inappropriate to Communist life. Still living today in her native St. Petersburg, Ustvolskaya shows an independent spirit born of long years of resistance.

    He persisted, and now Berkeley concert goers will be able to enjoy this work for themselves. Despite an encouraging start to the season, the Cal football team played to a tiny crowd of 24, fans at Memorial Stadium on Saturday against New Mexico State, a fact that surprised several Bears players. When the Cal chant leaders tried to get the two sides to coordinate on a cheer, it took several tries to get things going. The Bears face a sterner test this week against No. Wideout Geoff McArthur thinks an upset of the Spartans will prove to fans that Cal might be a team worth watching in person.

    In fact, the attendance dropped nearly 3, from the first game to the second. We just have to do our jobs and hopefully we can win some support back. One encouraging sign was the spirit of the student section for the first two games. It can be found on at www. Budget shortfalls threatening to close two Berkeley swimming pools have already cost 50 seniors their four-year-old water aerobics class. Seniors at the West Campus Pool, at Addison and Curtis streets, say the city has unfairly singled them out while it battles with the Berkeley Unified School District about pool fees.

    The pool closures are also cost-saving measures. But now that the city is strapped with a budget deficit it has asked the school district to pay the money it owes. Adult school principal Margaret Kirkpatrick said she did not realize that the school was responsible for pool costs. But the current enrollment would not pay for a teacher who was previously paid with school board grants, a pool official said.

    The senior water aerobics class was the only adult swim program the school district offered. As everyone is well aware, Sept. The fire service lost over firefighters as a result of that tragedy. An event we as firefighters and a nation hope never to witness again. Shortly after Sept. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of over members of the Berkeley Firefighters Association Local to thank the citizens of Berkeley and the surrounding communities, plus local merchants for their donations and hard work for our cause.

    The overwhelming support that we received from the community made our Fill the Boot campaign a huge success. Vanessa Williams led the Jackets with five kills and 10 digs, while fellow senior Amalia Jarvis had 12 digs. Both goals came in victories over cross-divisional rival Southwest Missouri and Big Ten foe Indiana. She stopped a season-high 10 shots in a win over cross-conference rival SMS. For ticket information call For more information visit www. He starts the job in October. Kelekian, a rent control advocate, was selected by a majority of pro-tenant rent board commissioners, despite landlord disappointment with Kelekian.

    The rent board is overseen by nine publically elected commissioners and was constituted in to decide how much landlords can raise rent each year, to enforce rent control laws and to settle housing disputes. However, after passage of the state Costa-Hawkins Act gave more power to landlords, public sentiment turned against them and pro-tenant advocates dominated the board. The commissioners sit as an appeals jury on disputes between landlords and tenants. Landlords say that some rent board decisions are so unabashedly pro-tenant that landlords have appealed rent board decisions to Alameda County Superior Court.

    Tenant rights advocates, however, counter that landlords have abused their Costa-Hawkins privileges. The executive director position is primarily managerial, but Kelekian will still have authority to impact policy. He will be responsible for the hiring of hearing examiners who serve as trial judges in disputes between tenants and landlords, as well as for working with rent board commissioners to set policy goals. Kelekian said that to deal with the increase of evictions since the end of rent control, the rent board should place greater emphasis on tenant outreach and eviction monitoring.

    Rent Board commissioners were divided on a new director. After interviewing five candidates, they decided to negotiate a contract with Kelekian by a vote of Kelekian is no stranger to the rent board. From to , he worked for the board in several capacities, and has worked as a management analyst for various city departments during the last 18 years. Such is unfortunate experience.

    Our original development application met all existing zoning standards until the city, in an attempt to stop our development, downzoned our property making it financially impossible for us to build any more new units. This decision is currently the subject of legal action. In fact the law states that charter cities are specifically included. There is no exception in state law for Berkeley or any other city.

    The City Council will have an opportunity to correct this misinterpretation and avert any lawsuit. We are just a mother and daughter using our life's savings, attempting to comply with city and state law while enhancing a small rental property we have subsidized for 30 years. If the city follows the law there will be no necessity for future action to protect our legal rights and recover some of the money lost on this endeavor. Perhaps if the laws were routinely followed without delay, housing could be built in a more timely fashion to address the waiting lists of people desperate for housing.

    He took one eye for a hundred. A dozen or so men with kaffiyehs over their faces stood on the steps of the north London mosque, barring about 50 journalists from entering the building, which is widely regarded as a center of radical Islam in Britain. Maybe I disagree with them, but they have the right to fight back especially after they the United States bombed Sudan, then they bombed Afghanistan. Mohammed heads Al-Muhajiroun, a militant group that recruits on university campuses and encourages members to join armed struggles abroad.

    It says its goal is to make Britain an Islamic state. Al-Masri, who lost his hands and left eye fighting the former Soviet-backed government in Afghanistan, said this Sept. I know many Muslims are oppressed. His funds were frozen by the U. Treasury for his alleged membership in the Islamic Army of Aden.

    That organization is linked to al-Qaida and claimed responsibility for the bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen in October , in which 17 American sailors were killed. He has had British citizenship since , and is protected by British law from extradition to Yemen. As a Berkeley pedestrian and advocate for persons with disabilities, I am moved to thank the Berkeley Police Department for their work protecting pedestrians in the crosswalk.

    Red flags didn't work. There have to be real consequences for unsafe drivers before more pedestrians are killed. Thank you, Berkeley police. The groundbreaking legislation guarantees access to public transportation, education, the workplace, recreation, health care and more for the disabled. They said they have picked up a number of lessons that will help in their struggle. But Andrea Vargas Carmiol, a student active in El Foro said the burgeoning movement has learned a more basic lesson in Berkeley, where college students helped kickstart the national push for disabled rights in the s.

    That lesson is that building a largescale movement and creating real change is possible. Derandas said Dr. Federico Montero, who would soon co-found El Foro, was in attendance and began to build a relationship between the Berkeley group and the Costa Rican movement. It saddens and angers me that the air quality issue is impacting the expansion of the Harrison House Homeless Shelter. Now these same Berkeley people are telling us they are so concerned about the impact of the air quality on the well-being of the people they sent to this neighborhood that their facilities shouldn't be expanded.

    Boona cheema, the person who has devoted much of her life to working with homeless people said it best. The Berkeley City Council and the community should support the provision of as much additional housing for the homeless at Harrison House as is practical and desired by the people who are devoting their lives to improving the overall welfare of those people who need this type of support.

    Oil in the SS Jacob Luckenbach, which sank in after colliding with another ship, has been seeping from the freighter periodically for at least 10 years. The leaks killed thousands of seabirds, fouled beaches from Point Reyes to Monterey and stumped the U. Coast Guard and environmentalists before they pinpointed the Luckenbach as the culprit earlier this year. Since June, divers have pumped more than 55, gallons of oil from the freighter, which is feet below the surface.

    But tanks on the starboard side of the ship are buried 20 feet deep in the ocean floor. For those tanks, McCleneghan said the best idea may be to let sand flow in and seal any cracks, preventing the oil, which is extremely thick, from escaping. State and federal agencies and the company doing the salvage still need to discuss their options.

    Officials say there are fewer planes flew in and out the Bay Area's three major airports Wednesday, a downturn in air traffic that airlines prepared for given the one-year anniversary of the Sept. A spokesman for Oakland International Airport said there was 30 percent less flight activity at the Oakland Airport than on a typical Wednesday. He said that last night, Mexicana airlines canceled two flights that were scheduled to arrive in Oakland today in response to Tuesday's announcement that the United States has been put on a high state of alert against a possible terrorist attack.