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Mercury already knew Brian May and Roger Taylor — he'd been introduced to them by Tim Staffell, who was the bass player in the pre-Freddie version of Queen, the band called Smile. But at the time, Mercury was singing with other groups, notably a band called Ibex, which later changed its name to Wreckage. According to Queen Vault , the first time Queen members were on stage together was actually at an Ibex show in , when Brian May and Roger Taylor joined Mercury who was still using the name "Bulsara" on stage for an encore.

By the time Staffell decided to quit Smile, May, Taylor and Bulsara Mercury were sharing an apartment , so they were hardly strangers.

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So there was no shy approach at the end of a Smile show and no impromptu audition. It is true that Staffell's departure gave Mercury the in he needed to join the group, but he was already a part of May and Taylor's musical circle and had been for some time. The relationship between Freddie Mercury and his long-time girlfriend Mary Austin probably came as a surprise to viewers who were more familiar with Mercury's reputation as a gay man living the rock star lifestyle.

But a lot of what the film says about his relationship with Austin is true. He did spend many years in a heterosexual relationship, and the two of them were actually engaged to be married.

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But the proposal didn't go down exactly like it was depicted on the big screen, and the ring wasn't the big, gaudy diamond we see in the film, either. In a interview, Austin described the proposal as a lot more light-hearted than it was in the movie. It was like one of his playful games.

Eventually, I found a lovely jade ring inside the last small box. It just so wasn't what I was expecting. I just whispered, 'Yes. I will. Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin never did get married, and on that point the film gets a lot of things right. But that's where the accuracy ends. The truth is there wasn't a lot of awkwardness at the end of their engagement, and there was no lengthy separation, either.

According to Biography , Austin kind of just transitioned from ex-fiance to dear friend and a part of his entourage, and the two remained close until Mercury's death in In the film, their relationship was depicted as much more strained — and much more separate — after their breakup, and that's just not the way it was. The only friend I've got is Mary, and I don't want anybody else.

To me, she was my common-law wife. To me, it was a marriage. One of the more entertaining scenes in the film is the meeting between Queen and Ray Foster, the fuzzy-haired, sunglasses-wearing EMI executive who is too short-sighted to see that "Bohemian Rhapsody" is a masterpiece. Foster is played by Mike Meyers, and the whole scene is really just a nod to the famous moment in the Wayne's World movie, in which Meyers and his head-banging buddies are rocking out in a car to the legendary anthem.

In the biopic, Foster complains that "Bohemian Rhapsody" is "six bloody minutes" and that they should choose "I'm in Love with my Car," as the band's next single instead. It's a funny moment — even more so if you're a Wayne's World fan — and it should be pretty obvious that it never actually happened.

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But not only that, Ray Foster wasn't even a real person. But the rest of the scene — and the character — are pure fiction. We the audience are just starting to figure out how much we should hate Paul Prenter in that moment where Queen's manager John Reid gently suggests that Freddie Mercury should consider making a solo album. Prenter who in a previous scene insists that the solo album thing will go down better if it comes from Reid explicitly denies having anything to do with the idea, and so Mercury boots Reid out of the limo.

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According to Ultimate Classic Rock , it didn't happen like that at all. In fact Reid's departure was rather anticlimactic, and went something like, "I'm leaving," "Okay, cool. So we weren't scared of him. Every film has to have a low point, when the protagonist makes the wrong choice, and bad things start to happen.

In Bohemian Rhapsody , that moment comes when Mercury tells his bandmates that he's tired of it all, and he wants to leave the band to work on a solo project. His bandmates are devastated and betrayed, and they all part on very bad terms, with Taylor spitting out the uber-dramatic accusation, "You just killed Queen. Again, that's not exactly what happened. According to Ultimate Classic Rock , the band did indeed take a break after the release of their album Hot Space , but it wasn't a "break up," specifically, and everyone was pretty much on board with the idea.

Mercury wasn't the only one working on a solo project at the time, either — May was already working on a solo record called Star Fleet Project , and Taylor was getting ready for a solo album of his own. And their time apart was hardly isolating. When it came down to actually doing a solo album, he did sort of miss us. He used to ring me up, and I'd have to fly to Munich to do his background vocals. Every film needs a villain, and in Bohemian Rhapsody it's Paul Prenter, Freddie Mercury's one-time manager and man-with-evil-intentions.

In the movie, Prenter is depicted as controlling and selfish, failing to pass along Mercury's messages and running pretty much every aspect of the singer's life while friends fade away and opportunities pass by. After Mercury wises up and fires him, Prenter goes public — telling the media all of Mercury's secrets in a television interview.

But how much of a bad guy was Paul Prenter, really? It is certainly true that the other members of Queen hated him, in fact according to Metro , May and Taylor didn't like the sound of Hot Space after it was released, and they blamed Paul Prenter's influence.

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