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Sky Area 1. Caldwell Objects Serpens Caput contains no Caldwell objects.

Serpens Caput & Cauda

Brightest Objects in Serpens Caput. Kiev Latitude: Longitude: Timezone: Color scheme Light Night mode. Follow intheskyorg. Unukalhai mag 2.

The Serpent

Messier 5 mag 5. NGC mag MQ Ser mag 5.

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This fifth brightest globular cluster in the sky is considered one of the most ancient at 13 billion years old. Located further away from the dusty galactic center, resolution explodes as we move up in aperture.

Serpens Caput

Easily seen as a round ball of unresolved stars in binoculars, small scopes begin to pick up individual stellar points at higher magnifications. Careful attention shows that M5 is not perfectly round. Its brightest 11th and 12th magnitude stars actually are randomly distributed but seem to array themselves in great arcs.

About 80 million light-years away, NGC is a grand-design spiral seen at an angle, with a very small central bar and tightly wound spiral arms. Thank to imagining by the VLA, we know more about this galaxy than ever. Back in this time, there were no official constellation boundaries, so when depicted separately, their bodies were not intertwined with each other.

Serpens Cauda

In Chinese astronomy, most of the stars of Serpens represented part of a wall surrounding a marketplace, known as Tianshi, which was in Ophiuchus and part of Hercules. Serpens also contains a few Chinese constellations.

Serpens Cauda Live @ Diamondz Jerome, ID 12/07/2015 GoPro Bass and Drum cam

Two stars in the tail represented part of Shilou, the tower with the market office. Another star in the tail represented Liesi, jewel shops.

Position in the Sky

One star in the head Mu Serpentis marked Tianru, the crown prince's wet nurse, or sometimes rain. This snake, Serpens, that Ophiuchus holds the snake-handler, who represents the healer Asclepius , is found on the symbol of medicine worldwide, the caduceus.

The staff of Aesculapius was a single snake wrapped around a staff often confused with the staff of Mercury Hermes which has two snakes and is said to represent commerce. Serpens is the only constellation divided into two separate pieces. The struggle will last forever, since they wage it on equal terms with equal powers". Derivatives: serpent, serpigo a spreading skin eruption or disease, such as ringworm, from Latinserpere, to crawl , herpes, herpetology.