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However, the now soul-less Anne is not the loving mother Spike knew; she attempts to seduce Spike, at which point he dusts her. Ben appears in Season Five, played by Charlie Weber. A handsome intern, he meets and befriends Buffy at the Sunnydale Hospital during her mother's illness, and unsuccessfully attempts to romance her. Unknown to Buffy, Ben is merely the mortal prison for deposed hell - goddess Glorificus , who has learned to free herself from Ben for periods of time, in order to search for the Key, before transforming back into Ben a spell prevents any human witnessing or hearing of this transformation from remembering it.

Until his personality begins to merge with Glory's in the season's final episodes, he is presented as an essentially decent and compassionate person, protecting Dawn Summers from Glory when he learns that Dawn is the "Key". In early episodes, Ben appears as a new potential love interest for Buffy, but in a show of personal resolve and in accordance with the writers' decision that her sister Dawn would be her main "love interest" in Season Five , Buffy decides to focus on her family issues and not pursue him.

As Glory spends more time in control of their shared body, Ben's life starts to fall apart; he is dismissed from his job at Sunnydale Hospital because of increased time as Glory spent away from work. In the season's climax, as their personalities begin to merge, Ben agrees, out of self-preservation, to help Glory kill Dawn. When Glory is beaten, she transforms to Ben one final time, only to be smothered to death by Giles, who considers Ben for the most part an innocent but is determined to prevent him from ever returning as Glory to exact revenge on Buffy. The Buffybot appears in Seasons Five and Six.

It is an identical robot replica of the real Buffy Summers and is also played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Though it is a perfect physical likeness of Buffy and has complete knowledge of Buffy's friends and family, the Buffybot's mannerisms and speech patterns are stilted and imperfect by human standards.

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It also lacks understanding of nuance and tact, and can be disconcertingly blunt in conversation. The Buffybot first appears in the episode " Intervention ", having been created by Warren Mears as a sex toy for the vampire Spike, who is obsessed with Buffy. Therefore, the Buffybot is initially programmed to be in love with Spike and will do anything to please him.

Buffy's friends mistake the robot for her, assuming that Buffy's grief over her mother's death has driven her insane, and Buffy later poses as the Buffybot to find out whether Spike betrayed her and Dawn to the hellgod Glory , rewarding him with a kiss when she learns that he endured torture to protect them.

After a few minutes of battle, the Bot is decapitated by Glory and the real Buffy then reveals herself. After Buffy's death in "The Gift", Willow repairs and reprograms the Buffybot to impersonate her, to keep the demon world unaware — for as long as possible — that the Slayer no longer defends Sunnydale. The Buffybot's original programming occasionally resurfaces, which both pains and irritates Spike. The impersonation also ensures that Dawn, lacking a legal guardian in Sunnydale with both Buffy and their mother dead, can stay in town with the Scooby Gang , and the group can continue to use the Summers home as their base.

In " Bargaining ", one vampire discovers the secret when fighting with it; when he reveals this to a demon biker gang, they invade and sack Sunnydale. The demons destroy the Buffybot by tearing it limb from limb with motorcycles. Before "dying", the Buffybot reveals to Dawn that the real Buffy has returned from the dead. First seen in the episode " Dirty Girls ", she plays a small role in the final episodes of Season Seven. In " Touched ", she aids Giles and Kennedy in luring out and capturing a Bringer, and then later follows Faith alongside numerous Potentials to an underground arsenal of The First.

She is then seen in the following episode " End of Days ", at first helping those wounded from the bomb blast escape the sewers and then later at the Summers residence, helping heal the wounded and briefly quizzing Buffy on whether her return to the fold is permanent. In the episode " Help ", Cassie comes to Buffy's guidance office and predicts her own death on the next Friday. Though she remains adamant her fate can't be averted, Buffy and her friends become determined to save her, even when any leads to what could cause her demise turn up false.

Buffy eventually saves her from a group of boys who try to kill her in order to raise a demon. Moments later, Buffy saves Cassie from a lethal booby trap. It seems fate has been cheated, but immediately afterward, Cassie dies of a heart attack caused by a hereditary condition of which she had been kept unaware, fulfilling her own prophecy. Buffy's encounter with Cassie made her realize that, regardless of her victories in battle, she cannot avert fate. Cassie tells Buffy that she will make a difference in the upcoming battles with The First Evil , and tells Spike that Buffy will reciprocate his affections for her.

Later, Cassie's spirit apparently appears to Willow in " Conversations with Dead People " and tells her that she has a message from Tara : that she must commit suicide to avoid killing all her friends. When Willow realizes that this "girl" is not who she says she is, "Cassie" reveals herself to be The First Evil and tells Willow that "she" is going for a big finish, before disappearing.

Speaking only Cantonese , she first appears in the episode " First Date ". Most of her subtitled lines serve as comic relief along with the attempts of Giles to communicate with her using crudely drawn and often frightening pictures. Chao-Ahn often mistakes Giles' attempts at communication as personal threats.

For instance, she is lactose-intolerant, and various characters keep offering her milk. She is seen on the school bus escaping the destruction of Sunnydale at the end of the series, having survived the battle against the Turok-Han. Chao-Ahn is mistakenly mentioned in the non-canon novel Queen of the Slayers as having died in the battle. Introduced in the episode " Showtime ", Chloe seems reluctant to engage in her newfound responsibilities, and by her next and final appearance in " Get It Done ", it is clear that Chloe is not cut out for life as a Slayer.

Chloe was absent from the episode "Potential" because she went with Giles to get Chao-Ahn in Shanghai. The First manifests in her room and convinces her to hang herself. Buffy buries Chloe's body next to that of the recently deceased Annabelle. Chloe's suicide is a major catalyst in Buffy's choice to take drastic action, culminating in her meeting with the men who created the First Slayer. Clem has large, floppy ears, loose skin, and a friendly disposition, despite being a demon who eats kittens, something that he later stops doing for health and moral reasons.

His caucasian coloration allows him to occasionally pass as a human with a " skin condition ". He is Spike's friend and poker buddy. He is introduced in the episode " Life Serial ", as a player in a game of poker where live kittens are the stakes; he is seen cheating by hiding cards in his forearms' skin folds.

He reappears in the episodes " Older and Far Away ", in which Spike invites him to Buffy's birthday party, and " Hell's Bells ", in which he attends the wedding of Xander and Anya. Later in the season, he befriends Dawn while looking after her in Spike's absence. The following season, Clem meets Buffy in a demon bar and they greet one another very affectionately. Clem has the ability to project snake-like appendages; he did this trick, frightening Potential Slayers in the episode "Potential", but it was shown onscreen only from the back of his head.

In the episode " Empty Places ", Clem joins the rest of the Sunnydale population in fleeing the town as the apocalypse nears, inviting Buffy to join him. He later reappears in the comic " Harmonic Divergence " as part of Harmony Kendall 's hit reality show Harmony Bites , which has revealed the existence of vampires to the entire world and also doubles as a media smear campaign against the Scooby Gang and the Slayers themselves. The pair have moved to London in pursuit of Harmony's reality TV career.

She believes she is being blackmailed, though it transpires Clem has engineered it to create a situation where he can be a hero in the hopes she will love him back. She coldly rebuffs his affections but instead offers him a pay rise. In Buffy season 10 as the Scoobies are in charge of rewriting the rules of magic in the world with the Vampyr book, Clem visits them with Harmony as she represents the older type of vampires. Getting their hands on the book Harmony wants Clem to write her as loved by all in the world, though Clem does not do this as the book often twists things to hurt whoever they involve.

Spike retrieves the book and discovers Clem did write one change in the world for Harmony: " Unicorns are totally real. It consisted of the wealthiest and most popular girls in school; Angel later described them as "like the Soviet Police, if [the aforementioned organisation] had cared a lot about shoes. After Cordelia began dating Xander Harris , whom they considered their inferior, the Cordettes shunned her and Harmony became their leader. During her senior year of school, after being cheated on and hurt by Xander, a heart-broken Cordelia tried to fall back in with her former crew, only to be abused and tormented by them.

Contact among the group ended after graduation, as the girls attended separate colleges, Harmony was transformed into a vampire, and the now-penniless Cordelia was forced to abandon college and move to Los Angeles to pursue a fruitless career in acting. Dalton is a scholarly, bespectacled vampire who appears twice in Season Two, played by Eric Saiet. Spike and Drusilla commandeer Dalton's relative expertise to research a mystical cure for Dru. Several weeks later " Surprise " , Dalton brings a mysterious package to Spike now wheelchair-bound and Dru now cured and returned to her full power.

The box contains a dismembered piece of the Judge , a powerful demon who cannot be killed and who instantly reassembles when all his pieces are brought together. When the Judge who kills living things by absorbing the humanity within them is finally re-formed, he points to Dalton and says, "This one—is full of feeling. He reads! He is assistant to the villainous Mayor Richard Wilkins , and behaves nervously around his demonic boss.

In the episode " Bad Girls ", Allan admits that he likes reading the comic strip Cathy. He is later killed by Faith , who mistakes him for a vampire. Although Faith tries to dismiss the accident because Allan was involved in criminal activities, Buffy points out that he may have been coming to warn them about the Mayor's plan. Allan's death sparks a police investigation and is a major turning point for Faith, catalysing her betrayal of Buffy and the Scooby Gang. Detective Stein is a member of the Sunnydale police force, and is played by James G.

He is first seen in the Season Two episode " Ted ", in which he is in charge of the investigation of the death of Ted Buchanan, who apparently died after Buffy kicked him down the stairs in her home. He next appears in the episode " Becoming, Part Two " investigating Kendra's death. Despite appearing in several episodes, he never features very prominently. Devon has also dated cheerleaders Cordelia Chase and Harmony Kendall , albeit briefly.

K. L. Bone | Novelist, Science Fiction Dramatist & Fantasy Dreamweaver

He willingly assists in the battle against the Mayor. The band consists of lead singer Devon MacLeish, Oz , and unnamed others. Doc , played by Joel Grey , is a Season 5 character who appears to be an eccentric old man but is actually a reptilian demon with vast knowledge of the dark arts. He first appears after Joyce Summers dies, when Spike takes Dawn Summers to him to ask how to resurrect her mother.

Of Saints and Shadows

Later Spike and Xander come to him looking for information about Glory. Doc attempts to stall for time and dispose of a small wooden chest containing information on Glory's plans. After a brief skirmish, in which his speed gives him a great advantage, Doc is apparently killed when Xander puts a sword through his chest. Spike and Xander grab the chest out of the fire and leave; once they are gone, Doc opens his eyes. Doc later appears on the tower where Glory has placed Dawn for her ritual; with Glory occupied fighting Buffy, Doc has come to complete the ritual of bleeding Dawn on his own.

Spike attempts to stop him but is easily pushed off the tower. Buffy reaches Doc soon after and casually pushes him off the tower in her race to save Dawn. He is not seen again, the fall having presumably killed him. Dracula appears in the episode " Buffy vs. Dracula ", played by Rudolf Martin. Initially, the vampire who was going to show Buffy a darker side of herself was envisioned as "just another vampire who rode a horse and was all cool", says writer Marti Noxon. He's public domain. Dracula arrives in Sunnydale, having heard stories about Buffy and wanting to meet her for himself.

After introducing himself to the starstruck Scoobies, Dracula hypnotizes Xander into becoming a Renfield of sorts and then bites Buffy in exactly the same place where the Master and Angel had bitten her. In the final confrontation, Dracula has Buffy drink his own blood; however, the disgust of doing so allows her to break free of his thrall, battle him, and ultimately stake him. When he attempts to reform from dust, Buffy, wise to his tricks after seeing his movies, stakes him once again, and Dracula respectfully accepts that the Slayer is too strong for him and leaves Sunnydale.

Outside of canon, Dracula appears in Spike vs. Dracula , which reveals that Dracula has connections to the gypsy clan that cursed Angel with a soul. As established by his appearance in "Buffy vs. Dracula", he is an acquaintance of Anya and Spike. Dracula has special abilities almost all of which are derived straight out of Stoker's novel Dracula , described by Spike as "showy gypsy stuff".

These abilities include transforming into a cloud of fog and animals, wolves and bats in particular, and the ability to control minds put someone under his "thrall" , as he does to Xander in "Buffy vs. He also appears to be immune to staking to some extent: he still falls to dust when staked, appearing to die like other vampires, but can reform himself from said dust almost immediately thereafter, as well as manipulating the cloud even once 'dusted.

In Tales of the Vampires: Antique , Xander spends time with Dracula as his manservant, during which time Xander teaches him to ride a motorcycle. During Xander's tenure as a manservant, Dracula develops an emotional attachment to him. After Buffy rescues Xander, Dracula sinks into depression and alcoholism , appearing old and decrepit.

While drunk , Dracula gambles with a group of Japanese vampires, betting his powers against a Kawasaki motorcycle, and loses. Upon hearing that Xander has come to seek his assistance, he returns to his normal appearance. Despite his hatred of Buffy and the Slayers in general, Dracula agrees to help them defeat the vampires who swindled him. He assists Willow in preparing a spell to counter the magical plans of Toru, their leader, who plans to undo the spell that Willow cast at the Hellmouth in Sunnydale. Dracula gives Xander his sword, which he uses to kill Toru and avenge Renee's death.

Dracula next appears in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten when the new rules of magic have led to the creation of new vampires whose powers greatly resemble Dracula. He is recruited by Buffy and the others to assist, but ends up exploiting the reality-altering Vampyr book to transform himself into "the most powerful" vampire of them all. However, Dracula's attempts backfire, and he is transformed instead into Maloker, the Old One who was the progenitor of the vampires. Buffy and her crew are able to fend off Maloker and return Dracula to normal.

Later, in the final issue of the series, Dracula is recruited to Buffy's Magic Council — in essence, a governing body of the magical universe — to represent the vampire faction. Dreg is one of the minions serving season five's big bad Glory. He is the first of Glory's minions to appear and helps her create the giant reptilian monster.

He is killed in Blood Ties by the Knights of Byzantium. He comes to Sunnydale to confirm that Jenny is keeping an eye on Angel , and that his soul continues to torment him. He reveals a loophole in the curse by which the Kalderash gave Angel his human soul: if he should ever have a moment of complete happiness, his soul will be lost again. This occurs, and Angelus kills him.

The two were friends who met in London after Giles had dropped out of Oxford. The group practiced small magics for pleasure and gain, until Ethan and Ripper discovered something bigger: the demon known as Eyghon , or the Sleepwalker. According to Giles, it was an extraordinary high, a euphoric feeling of power, but was also incredibly risky.

When Eyghon took control of Randall, one of their group, the others tried to exorcise the demon, resulting in Randall's death. Giles was changed by the event, leaving London and returning to the Watchers' Council. Ethan, on the other hand, went in the opposite direction, delving deeper into the black arts. Ethan was first introduced in the second-season episode " Halloween " as the seemingly benevolent owner of a costume shop. Ethan curses his costumes in the name of the Roman god Janus , so that the wearer becomes whatever they are dressed as.

Later that season, in the episode " The Dark Age ", Ethan has been having dreams of Eyghon, and the fate of the others who wear The Mark of Eyghon, which acts as a beacon for the demon to locate them, kill them, and possess each corpse in turn to hunt his next victim with. Ethan knocks Buffy unconscious, and tattoos the Mark of Eyghon on the back of her neck and removing his own. The substitution works, and the demon loses interest in him, instead going after Buffy.

But Giles arrives, and then her friends, who stop Eyghon from killing both of them. During the third-season episode " Band Candy ", the vampire Mr. Trick , in the employ of Mayor Richard Wilkins , calls on Ethan's services to curse candy bars that are distributed to adults through Sunnydale High School students. The curse on the chocolate makes adults act as if they are teenagers, leaving many areas of the city unprotected, including the hospital from which a tribute of small babies needs to be taken.

Buffy and Giles uncover the plot, and stop Mr. Trick and Ethan who claims ignorance of the nature of the tribute , but they both escape. Discovered lurking in a crypt by Giles, he talks him out of a promised beating, and instead, they go for a drink together. Ethan warns Giles that the Initiative is throwing the worlds out of balance, which goes "way beyond chaos", into "one hell of a fight". Giles doesn't seem to take the warning seriously, instead being somewhat envious of the Initiative.

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After spending the night reminiscing and drinking with Ethan, Giles wakes the next morning in the form of a Fyarl demon. After being forced to reverse the spell, Ethan is arrested by the Initiative, who apparently place him in military custody pending determination of his status, before sending him to a rehabilitation facility in Nevada. Afterwards, despite not trusting Ethan, Giles had Buffy to be cautious with the Initiative, eventually leading the Scooby Gang to discover its corruption and dangerous plans.

The First Slayer referred to in 4. The character is portrayed by Sharon Ferguson. She first appears in the Season Four finale " Restless ", where she attacks Willow, Xander, and Giles in their respective dreams before attempting to kill Buffy in the same fashion after she refuses to leave her friends for dead. The First Slayer ultimately fails when Buffy wakes up from her sleep, thus pulling herself and her friends out of the First Slayer's nightmare.

Giles reveals that the First Slayer never had a Watcher, and attributes her appearance to the enjoining spell they cast with Buffy in " Primeval ", claiming that invoking the essence of the Slayer's power was an affront to the source of that power. In the script, she is referred to as the Primitive.

A spirit in the form of the First Slayer appears again the next season, when Buffy goes on a vision quest to learn more about her power in " Intervention ". The spirit tells her that death is her gift, a message Buffy is reluctant to believe, but one which is ultimately proven when she sacrifices herself in the season finale " The Gift ". In the season seven episode " Get It Done ", the First Slayer appears to Buffy in a dream and warns her that the current efforts against the First are not enough.

The origin of the Slayer is also explained in this episode: The Slayer was created thousands of years ago by a group of shamans who tied a girl to the earth against her will then mystically implanted her with the essence of a demon. At the cost of most of her humanity, the First Slayer gained great strength, stamina and a predatorial instinct; this is the complete legacy that passes from Slayer to Slayer. The First Slayer appears in the graphic novel, Tales of the Slayers , in which she is asked to leave a village she defended from a vampire because the villagers fear her even more than other demons and again in Tales of the Slayer.

She also cameos in the comic mini-series Fray 3, when a Slayer in the future is told the origins of her power, and in the Buffy Season Eight storyline "The Long Way Home" as an image of Buffy's dreamscape. Like his teammates Riley and Graham, Forrest leads a double life, balancing his military service with his cover as a student at UC Sunnydale.

He is the quintessential rule-following soldier, and while initially he likes Buffy and encourages Riley to pursue a relationship with her, her effect on Riley makes him angry and suspicious of her motives. As events proceed and Buffy becomes an enemy of the Initiative, Forrest's dislike increases and he accuses her of killing Maggie Walsh. Forrest is killed by Adam , but is then artificially reanimated with body parts from various demons and technological components. This "new" Forrest tries to assist Adam in defeating Buffy, and assaults her when she and her friends attack the Initiative complex.

Beforehand, he is ordered by Adam to kill Spike, who escapes by blinding Forrest in the left eye with a lit cigarette. He is instead forced to face his old friend Riley in combat. Although he is clearly more than a physical match for Riley, he is killed a second time when he hoists a gas canister over his head, which catches a live wire and blows him to pieces. He supplied a large military force to Twilight as part of a war on the Slayers.

He appeared alongside Twilight's lieutenants, Amy and Warren, in several issues. In the comic book's final issue , he is shot dead by the rogue Slayer Simone in a revenge attack. General Voll is a general in the United States Army. After capturing Willow Rosenberg and confronting Buffy in the ensuing melee, he mentions that he is part of the group called "Twilight", which views the Slayers as a threat to humanity. General Voll's current status and whereabouts are unknown.

She is introduced by writer Brian K. She is targeted for assassination by Giles due to her plans to usurp Buffy's place in the Slayer hierarchy and, ultimately, end the world. He sends Faith to kill her. She is guided by an Irish warlock called Roden, who serves Twilight. With Roden, she hunts and kills other Slayers as part of his "training" of her. However, she and Faith find they share a lot in common; both as Slayers and as troubled young women enticed by evil, despite their drastically different backgrounds upper class British and working class South Boston.

Discovering Faith's treachery and tenuous affiliation with Buffy, she distraughtly fights Faith to the death, and is accidentally killed by an axe. At the same time, Giles kills Roden and puts an end to their plans. Her death deeply affects Faith, causing her to want to find other slayers like Genevieve and guide them back to the side of good. He is played by Bailey Chase. Like his teammates Riley and Forrest, Graham leads a double life, balancing his military service with his cover as a student at UC Sunnydale.

Whereas Forrest is a rather brash person, Graham is more calm and collected. He also was supportive of the relationship between Buffy and Riley, unlike Forrest. Graham survives the final battle in the Initiative complex and later testifies in Riley's favor during the inquiry. In Season Five, Graham helps Riley to get medical attention to correct the procedures that the Initiative conducted on him.

Graham later asks Major Ellis to persuade Riley to leave Sunnydale and rejoin the army as part of a new squad of demon-hunters. He is played by Dean Butler. In Season Three, Hank is supposed to take Buffy to an ice show for her eighteenth birthday, but cancels at the last minute. In later seasons, Hank's character is developed further off-screen into the archetype of an upper-class deadbeat dad. Despite his relative wealth, Buffy cannot rely on him, and he will not play the role of the father. When Buffy last heard from Hank, he had moved to Spain with his secretary, but she is unable to contact him when her mother dies in Season Five.

Dawn indicates in " Bargaining " that she has spoken with her father at some point over the summer between Seasons Five and Six, but she and the others are hiding Buffy's death from him. Hank's final onscreen appearance is in the episode " Normal Again ", set in an alternate reality where the events of the show are simply Buffy's hallucinations. India Cohen immediately preceded Buffy Summers as the Slayer.

She was described as a slayer of water. Her watcher was Christopher Botwell, whom she called "Kit". India was born in in North Carolina. Her father was an officer in the U. Navy and her mother was a popular actress in the Philippines. She had some doubts about her parentage, speculating that her real father could not marry her mother for some reason. She was called as a Slayer in while she was living in Japan where her father, a submarine commander, was stationed. Together with her watcher, she traveled all over Japan slaying vampires.

India witnessed Spike and Drusilla during this time, but they never encountered India directly. Over a few years, India and her Watcher Christopher fell in love, but had to keep it a secret from the Watchers Council. Christopher even brought her a dog, which she named Mariposa. In , India and her family returned to America and went to California. There, wanderer mummies attacked and tried to steal India's soul.

India fended them off, but they captured her watcher and Mariposa. India sacrificed herself so that she could save her only family. The Wanderer killed India and released Kit and her dog. It wasn't until after she died that Kit realized his true feelings for her. He contacted a woman called Cecille Lafitte, who turned out to be a voodoo priestess living inside another woman's body. She presented herself as a psychic who could help him contact India and he believed every word she said. Cecille brainwashed him and made him a servant of the Gatherer without him really knowing what was going on.

He then came into his final contact with India when, in a final showdown, India inhabited the body of Willow Rosenberg. She apologized and threw herself off of a cliff to save Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane, yet somehow, though killing her spirit, left Willow completely intact. India apparently came into contact with The Master, as he commented on how Buffy was "prettier than the last one". Janice Penshaw is Dawn's best friend and is portrayed by Amber Tamblyn.

She is mentioned throughout Season Six, though she only appears in the episode " All the Way " the Halloween episode. Not only do we have pics of our heroes and heroines included, the list below is now interactive too! You can search for a name as well as being able to search by species. Hopefully that will cut down your time scrolling through.

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Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support. Employed Phia. Led in the assassination attempt against the Dehains. Youngest of the three McKay sisters, Leila being the eldest and Sophia the middle sister. Helped trick Leila into entering Blackthorn to save Jake. Gave Kane the herbs for the soul transference in Blood Shadows. Mother to Honey and wife to Billy. Set-up and murdered by the TSCD.

Father to Honey and husband to Amanda. VCU agent. Stepdaughter to Max. Older brother to Jake. Rules the west side of Blackthorn. Pending Tryan: the prophesied leader for the vampire uprising. Killed by a vampire in Midtown when the three sisters were young. Researcher at The Facility.

Partner to Solstice. Father to Tuly. Friend of Sophia. Younger brother to Billy, brother-in-law to Amanda and uncle to Honey. Mother to Rone. Passed away during childbirth. Betrothed to Jarin of the Higher Order. Diplomat between the vampires and the humans. First tempted Caleb into hunting serryns. Love interest of Alisha. Responsible for funding the assassination attempt against the Dehains.

Rules the north side of Blackthorn. Banished by her parliament and bound by a spell as punishment. Has seen and recorded the prophecy. Bound to the con Pummel. Runs the east side. Older brother to Arana deceased. Killed by a soul ripper. If you do want a vampire book that has more monster type vampires and originality, I would suggest Brian Lumley's Necroscope series instead. A much better read. View 2 comments. Jun 16, Lannister rated it liked it. Of Saints and Shadows had a really interesting synopsis, with vampires battling a centuries-old hidden group within the Catholic Church.

It sounded right up my street! And I did like the plot. I found it interesting and imaginative. The lead character Peter figures out that vampires not being able to go out in sunlight is simply not true. They were taught to believe this in a massive cover-up b Of Saints and Shadows had a really interesting synopsis, with vampires battling a centuries-old hidden group within the Catholic Church. They were taught to believe this in a massive cover-up by the Church a couple of millennia ago, and now they'll burn in the sun simply because they expect to.

The reasons behind this are the basis for the story, and I thought it was a really interesting concept to build around and I enjoyed the vampire world that Christopher Golden created. What lets the story down is its characterisation. The characters never truly came to life for me. Peter was interesting, but he never leapt off the page and transformed into a fully fleshed-out being. And the female lead, Meaghan - also the love interest - was completely unconvincing.

I don't object to a bit of romance in a book, provided it doesn't dominate the plot, but this relationship was utterly flat. It felt like it was put there simply because readers expected it, and I felt the book suffered for it. Cody was a little more interesting, perhaps simply because he was livelier and fun, but his antics weren't enough to save the story. The book isn't like typical UF that gets churned out these days it was written in , which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

It's more of a thriller with vampires, than a paranormal romance. It actually reminded me a little of The Da Vinci Code, which probably isn't a compliment!! If the characters had felt more real to me, it would be a four star book. And I am intrigued enough to want to read the second book. This is not your typical vampire romance; not even close. It is absorbing, complex, and really un-put-down-able.

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Many POVs, some you want to keep following and some you want to wash your mind of. I can see why some reviewers did not like it: the religious themes and references were uncomfortable and the Bad Guys were certain they had God on their side. All in all a well-written roller coaster ride which I found thoroughly enjoyable. View 1 comment. Sep 27, Krissys rated it really liked it Shelves: star , featured-books.

Book One in the Shadow Saga is a brilliant epic that takes you into the secret world of vampires--and a secret society sworn to destroy them. Sweeping, sensuous, and shocking, it is a powerful vision of immortality that will hold you in its spell I love that Golden is brave enough to cross several topics that some would consider more sensitive material for some readers but its handled in a humane way which is interesting because most the characters involved were supernatural beings.

I li Book One in the Shadow Saga is a brilliant epic that takes you into the secret world of vampires--and a secret society sworn to destroy them. In a small way Of Saints and Shadows had a paranormal Dick Tracy feel to it which was great because you don't get that very often. Although I felt the characters could have used more personality, more development as far as their characterization because a lot of them seem to be very similar and muted in a lot of ways I felt Golden could have gone a little extreme with it and it still would have worked well without feeling over done.

I have to admit despite being a new author to me I really enjoyed this one. I look forward to reading the next book in the Shadow Saga series. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own. Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews purchased a print copy.. If any of Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews has been helpful please stop by to like or let me know what you think! I love hearing from followers! Thank you! Sep 08, Claudia rated it it was amazing. As a women studies scholar I am disturbed by the trend in popular fiction of making monsters into romantic characters.

It suggests that if you are worthy enough, if you are good and compliant enough you can make a monster into a lover. It is a dangerous idea. One of the reasons that I keep coming back to Christoper Golden's vampire stories is because he never crosses that line. He might skirt it on occasion but he never lets you forget that his vampires are monsters. They will kill you and rip y As a women studies scholar I am disturbed by the trend in popular fiction of making monsters into romantic characters.

They will kill you and rip you apart in the process. If you choose to make their acquaintance you must be prepared for the consequences.

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Of Saints and Shadows is a big book with a big story and it is populated by creatures of epic proportions; Hannibal, William F. Cody, and Peter Octavian, the last of the Byzantine princes. Their adversary is a select group under the auspices of the Catholic Church. This is not a romance but an epic battle story. It is not sparkly vampires playing football but monsters bent on killing other monsters--some human, some not so much. It is fast paced and exciting. The characters are well written and if you will pardon the pun, they are even palatable.

It is a novel that challenges what we have been told about what is good and what is evil and especially what the origins of those dichotomies might be. It also turns the long held myths introduced by Bram Stoker in his novel "Dracula" on their collective heads. Anne Rice attempted to do that but never as successfully as Mr. I highly recommend this book if you are a lover of myth and monsters, of vampires and shape shifters and you don't have a problem with being romanced into a bit of heresy.

Feb 07, Michele bookloverforever rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal. I enjoyed this novel. A complicated anti-hero. Bad vampires fighting for their lives and trying to evolve in the end. Sep 11, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , horror. They will only ruin the intrigue and adventure of this book by comparison -- not in quality of writing which is still good but in what happens to every character you grow to like in this book. I read this book, actually the entire series, years ago but am not really sure what happened to the books themselves.

I think I sold them to a used bookstore the last time I moved. I wasn't all that careful about what books I got rid of them, so I've been having to repurchase a lot of books as I find them. The story is pretty simple, and I'm gong to try and keep what I know about the rest of the I read this book, actually the entire series, years ago but am not really sure what happened to the books themselves.

The story is pretty simple, and I'm gong to try and keep what I know about the rest of the series out of this review, it's your basic good vs. The twist is that the roles have been reversed. This time around the vampires are the good guys and the church and it's agents are the bad guys.

For what ever reason the church, while subjugating and even destroying other supernatural creatures, were never able to get the vampires under their total control. Instead they systematically brainwashed the vampires into controlling their own powers. All those myths about daylight, garlic, shape shifting limitations, all of those supposed limitations are false. They were all ploys used to get the vampires to act the way the church wanted them to. Peter Octavian is the first vampire to begin to realize the truth, he starts to go out in the daylight and even turn into a column of fire.

But even he is unsure of how vast their powers really are. The theft of the book though changes the church's game plan. If that book falls into the hand of their enemies, The Defiant Ones make discover the truth. So the Church under the influence of Father Mulkerrin decides to take them out for once and for all, eliminate them all during their gathering in Venice. I first started reading Christopher Golden when he was writing books set in the Buffy universe and quickly fell in love with his writing style.

This series was the next logical step for me and it cemented my liking for him as an author. This is the beginning of a interesting take on the origins of vampires and it's one I urge all fans of the genre to pick up and discover for themselves. Goodbye to such dark fantasy themes such as Peter Pan and a severely twisted rendition of Winnie the Pooh. It seems Mr. Golden has put away his boyhood playthings and materialized with a whole new set of toys. The plot was refreshingly original and captivating. Taking into account all that has been written on vampires from the dawn of the written word, Golden puts it right up to your face and then throws it out the window.

The story combines mythology; religion, politics and plain old human nature to further enlighten and complicate this epic. The pace in the story is tantalizing. Pulling you in immediately with the first page, it pushes you to a hurried anticipation only to twist— slow down, and then speed up again.

The atmosphere in the book is quite simply mystifying. The mood switched between an air of madness and the sweat of the persecuted. Though the story is weighed down with a heavy element, it never feels burdensome. Without a trace of overly complex theories and only a handful of big words, the author keeps it simple without sounding condescending. It is only as the story unfolds that you begin to see the people behind the mask and it is then that the fear sets in.

With each having their own identities, personalities and past traumas, Golden gives his characters what most dream of doing- substance. My rating? Rush out and buy this book, this series new today!

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I was so happy to see Christopher Golden's Shadow Saga getting re-released in new editions with an emphasis on urban fantasy, and a new volume on the way. This is my favorite vampire novel, right alongside with "The Vampire Lestat. Plus, I like when vampires are not all evil - it's more fun when their motives are just as murky as a human's. Peter Octavian is a private inv I was so happy to see Christopher Golden's Shadow Saga getting re-released in new editions with an emphasis on urban fantasy, and a new volume on the way. Peter Octavian is a private investigator, and a vampire. The Catholic Church has been on a secret crusade for centuries to harness or destroy all paranormal creatures - including vampires.

When a priest gets hold of a book of shadows that could shift the balance of power, Octavian must intervene. The character development here is strong especially when well-known historical figures turn up as vamps , the world-building is detailed and Golden is exceptional at taking common vampire myths and making them fresh again. His explanation of why holy water burns, and vampires can turn into bats, made me laugh out loud at his cleverness and sheer audacity.

I felt myself drawn in like never before. Apr 29, Jan rated it really liked it Shelves: good-guy-vampires , vampires , evil-clergy , demons , vampire-hunters , good-vs-evil. Peter Octavian is a PI in Boston. He is also a vampire who is trying to live as much as a human as possible. He is separated for the vampire community but when a series of obviously supernatural killings come to his attention, he is determined to find the cause.

Soon it is up to him to rescue a demonic book from an evil branch of the Catholic church, destroy the magicians who control it, and stop a vampire apocalypse. I enjoyed this book even though it was bloodier than I usually like. The bloodiness was not in the entire book so there were breaks. It took a bit to get some of the concepts in this world, the church is basically controlling all the evil beings in the world, except vampires.

The characters in the book are pretty irresistable though. Peter Octavian is very compelling. I am curious to see where this story is going. I can't believe that I only learned about it recently. View all 3 comments. May 28, Claire Flower rated it liked it. I have really mixed feelings about this book. It took quite a while to really draw me but contained a lot of genres I usually enjoy. I liked the main character and even the romance that took place didn't seem too fanciful as with a lot of other vampire novels. I liked the historical elements and the involvement of the church. Not wanting to give spoilers but I thought the explainations for they myths around vampires, well thought out However the last few pages and especially the epilogue ju I have really mixed feelings about this book.

However the last few pages and especially the epilogue just didn't feel right to me. I had to go back and re-read it and I hadn't realised a character had died. It built up and then, there was so little response from the other characters I didn't register it.